Ashes to Ashes.

Summer days in London have something unique about them that other days in other towns I have visited don’t have. I don’t know if I could even describe it. They are breezy and sweet, everyone is chilled out, the parks are greener than springs the whole while the busy traffic plays its Honk Symphony as … More Ashes to Ashes.

Back in London

You might think I am full of shit since I said I would never go back to the perfid albion (England.), and you’re dead right, I am. There wasn’t much hope in my success over this summer which I spend boozing and drowning my sorrows and hate for life in some random vaginas. But at … More Back in London

Swaying in the rain

How sweet is it to wake up to the sounds of the birds ? You are probably picturing the Disney classic. Snow White opens up her cute eyes as the robins sing their serenade, the whole while the bright sun rises in the landscape. Right, my Saturday morning wasn’t quite like this. It all started … More Swaying in the rain

Back in vice city

Hey Fellas, have you heard the news? Guess who’s back in town! Nice cotton shirt, beautiful Leather moccasins and better game, but still the same bellend. Wasn’t sure that my mother would have recognised me at the airport terminal, but as soon as she smelt the whiskey and the black eyes, she soon understood it … More Back in vice city